How to work with us..

Step 1.

Working with us is quite simple.  We discuss your project in depth, talk about cost and delivery time and keep you informed through out the process. We even might impart some useful knowledge so you appreciate the time and craftsmanship we put in to your project.

Step 2.

Next we talk about the graphics you need to supply or we have to design in house for you. We have access to 10’s of thousands of fonts and graphics that may suit your project. We prfer very high resolution imagess or vector artwork. Don’t save stuff off of the web. It usually takes us more time to get the right stuff.

Step 3.

Last step is the fun stuff. We are not the cheapest but, we do work with you and walk you through our finishing processes so you see how the work is done. We appreciate any comments about the attention to detail we do. We ask for email and cell numbers for better communication throughout the process.